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XUSD™ Blockchain Holdings is eagerly awaiting the official launch of new exchange in 7 days.  We're cautiously optimistic that the first stage of the launch, holders of BTC or ETH will be able to exchange for XUSDG and XUSDP.  The XUSD family of coins are at a great price as we are still in the initial launch period.  This allows as many people as possible to buy in on this innovative new currency.

During this initial launch, we will be able to link our exchange and coins with all of the listing sites, giving us a live market price and connecting our currency with the overall crypto community.  In the coming weeks, you will start to see more trading pairs created for our XUSD currency, more liquidity to enable both buying and selling of the coins, and the launch of even more XUSD coins to add to the Prime and Gold coins.  

It is important to note that we are moving forward in a meticulous manner to ensure the long-term success and best possible experience for all XUSD currency holders as well as for our innovative new currency and exchange. 

In the successive news posts, we will share even more exciting news about trading limit increases, the names of the new coins being launched, the list of new coins being added to the exchange to open up more trading opportunities, and new banking and staking opportunities for XUSD currency holders.  Check back often so you don’t miss what’s coming next.  This is an exciting week and the result of months and years of hard work, dedication and determination by a large group of people.  Thank you for being an important part of our community.

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