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New Relationship Secures XUSD’s Wallet

Sometimes a complete solution is the last place you look.  After extensive vetting, XUSD found a provider that will package the liquidity pool, wallet, transaction insurance and market making from one source thus making Fireblocks our new partner.

The timeline Fireblocks provided us today for a turn-key solution is 3 weeks. There is also an opportunity within that timeframe we could have monetization beforehand. 

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

The agreement XUSD consummated this afternoon at 2PM, EST, December 7, 2021, with Fireblocks, provides our token holders with the most secure and fastest environment available, including but not limited to security, response-time and seed recovery which are at the core for customer support. Having the right service provider makes Fireblocks our second most valuable asset. This is why we made certain we were partnering with the most knowledgeable and experienced people inside the US!  XUSD vowed from the onset we would never be beholden outside our borders the way Microsoft, American Express, or Dell has done to all of us. We could elaborate but feel everyone has experienced enough frustration from poor and unenthusiastic third world support. 

XUSD Blockchain Holdings and her users will now share the same space with 750 of the largest institutional players. Fireblocks is placing XUSD on a 500,000 TPS (Transaction Per Second) track which translates in real-time, no lag transactions.

Enterprise-grade Multi-layer Security

Fireblocks is built using next-generation technology with a multi-layered security matrix making their signature policy engine, and a deposit address authentication the most impenetrable system on the market.

Hardware Isolation 

Layer 2 of the security matrix how keys is stored makes extraction impossible even if malware or a hacker has control over the server’s operating system.

Again, we thank you for your patience. Building the most incredible cryptocurrency in the world is hard enough to do but finding the most capable, willing and accessible US-Based Partner to support the mechanics and her token holders is another. 

We sincerely hope you appreciate our position as the XUSD Team wouldn’t have it any other way!

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