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Fireblocks integration is almost complete. XUSD is building a signature server and getting mobile apps ready for launch.  We have to correct some rather simple language for the trading platform, implement a very short testing phase and launch.

The security aspect of the wallet is the most critical stage. Thankfully we have Fireblocks watching XUSD's back. Fireblocks combines MPC-CMP with hardware isolation to create a multi-layer security technology. This eliminates a single point of failure and insulates digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human error.

Layer 1: MPC-CMP + Multi-cloud
Designed to address new requirements of the digital asset space that have emerged as institutions have entered the ecosystem. MPC-CMP private key protection layer removes the single point of compromise from both external hackers and insiders – as the private key is never concentrated on a single device at any point in time.

Layer 2: SGX
Keys stored in SGX cannot be extracted even if malware or a hacker has control over the server’s OS – as the memory space and the data in the SGX enclave are encrypted.

Layer 3: Policy Engine
The Fireblocks Policy Engine, enables organizations to set up specific approval policies for every transaction. The Policy Engine allows users to configure a list of rules that affect how transactions are handled and approved.

We're all targeting a Happy New Year.  Merry Christmas!

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