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Our new exchange we’ve all been waiting for is nearly complete. If we were to provide a baseball analogy just how close we are, XUSD would be rounding 3rd base, headed for home!

We need to remind many of you we are still in our testing phase. Securing everyone’s digital assets is XUSD Blockchain Holdings’ first priority.  Not only are we committed to executing correctly and timely, we have commitments to appear in person in Miami from December 2nd to the 5th , for the Crypto x NFT Event which will begin on the HYDRAEX!

Not only is it Art Basel week in Miami, there is an exclusive debut and unveiling of the Satoshi Coin and XUSD Blockchain Holdings will be there as one of its highest tier sponsors. We’ll be sharing market opportunities with celebrities, investors and a little inside enlightenment to the New York Times, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Varity, NFT and several other one on one interviews.

As important as that particular coming out event is for XUSD, nothing is more important than getting our products securely lit up and, on the exchange, whereby our token holders can purchase or trade with confidence.

For more information regarding XUSD in Miami please see Reactify who is promoting the event.

https://www.reactify.co/ . Here is the event itself.  https://www.reactify.co/article/nft-crypto-event

Again, thank you for your patience.

XUSD Blockchain Holdings Team

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